We have clouds AND THEY DO NOT RAIN!

photo-7.jpgYes, it’s true, we have clouds in our kitchen.

Real Wallace and Gromit’ish ones. (But they are made of wool and not actual candy floss or cheese).

They are from The Woolly Shepherd Company in Milverton and are a natural acoustics fabric to help stop the sound reverberation around the kitchen.

The wool is sourced locally at fair prices from farms in the Milverton area (Somerset). Our particular clouds are made from white wool mixed with some Jacob wool. (Jacobs are excellent breed for meat and wool and the chaps have particularly mad horns).

The wool is of course, biodegradable, renewable, non-polluting and is not treated with any toxic chemicals during manufacture.

No wonder they’ve won so many awards. They are a very cool company, and so nice to have clouds that are good to look at and do not cause biblical flooding and drama.