Lovely pre-loved kit to keep you lot warm


I’ve been spending hours and hours pouring over eBay each night. The results are in the cottage.

Its amazing what you can buy secondhand. Whilst modern technology has many flaws (why do teenagers use phones soley to text), eBay is a revelation for eco efforts.

So, each bed has a lovely warm woollen rug on it. Either a Witney blanket merino job or a Tweedmill blanket. I’ve tried really hard to get high quality kit and both Witney and Tweedmill are well respected UK businesses which I was determined to support – both low product miles and UK made too. Great.

I’ve bought fabulous cushion covers made from second-hand off-cuts of Designers Guild fabric.

And then I went mad on the toys too, and bought 1.5 kgs of lego and a Playmobil Safari centre and a variety of books and bits and bobs too.