critics from i-escape stayed and reviewed us at 92%!! (umm that more than Limewood, wow!)

Wow, we are so pleased. have reviewed us and given us 92% and we are pretty wow’ser’ed about that!

The Guardian – Best Travel Websites Ever article says that i-escape is “our first port of call for gorgeous boutique accomodation”

Ploughmans Cottage is their ‘for kids’ collection and we got 100% for our kids rating which they say is world favourite in their rating system. We got 80% for rooms which was cos’ our shed doesn’t have a bathroom and the bunk beds in the house are defo’ a bit quirky.

Michael Cullen, his family and friends came braved the weather predictions and came to stay for 3 nights on a horrid, cold March weekend.

You can review the “article” on their website. He took some lovely pics of the inside of the house too.

i-escape started 13 years ago and as an owner, I was really impressed with how thorough their review was. Much better than other well known and loved rivals.
The details were such that I have to buy a new bottle opener, sort out a few repetitions on our website and am defo’ taking their advice about getting a table football table for the house.   A few other things too – and I think their room rating for us is v fair. They used to mainly focus on hotels but now do self-catering places too. Now we’ve got our own baby we’re so happy that they do family places to stay, it’s easier to fit teenagers into a hotel environment but a 15 month old whose teething  – well not so!

Thanks i-escape folk and we’re looking forward to working with you. x