Gopping caravan issue – free holiday for caravan restorers…!

(I’m serious about the free holiday bit for caravan restorers!)

Yes, in October we said, “yes, we’ll have your cool ancient caravan, we’ll make her into a play are for kids or something, Oh, she’s called Coco – how cool”. (The name just tipped us over the edge, we had to have her). But OH NO…. we ran out of time. And now it’s still there, looking quite ugly frankly and needs quite a bit of effort….

Thoughts are to turn it into a micro-cinema for teenagers and folk to escape to….

I will post a pic soon. (imagine green painted, 50’s caravan, with flat tyre and, just for added pzazz, a broken window boarded up). Nice.

PS – free holiday for anyone good at restoring caravans!!