Eat me Drink me Cottage

We’re really happy that we’ve got a new place for you to rent.

Eat me Drink me cottage – East End, near Lymington.

Big Bad Wolves, Little Pigs, Cinderella’s, Matilda’s and Fairy Godmothers. If fairy tales and nursery rhymes are your favourite thing and you think that Grandmas’ House in Little Red Riding Hood is your perfect holiday escape – then this is the house for you.

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Families who love theatre, stories, dressing up, fairy lights, vintage-y stuff and treasure troves on shelves will love this hugely eccentric, colourful thatched cottage.

Owners Peter (concert pianist) and Victoria (owner of Elfie London) are great fun and their enthusiasm for colour, quirky, vintage, theatre and music fills the house. The dressing up box here is comprehensive (wizards, lizards, princesses, pigs, pirates etc) and so is the kit to host (un-matched) plates dinner parties for 16.

The cottage is higgledy-piggledy in the best possible way. Not one wall is straight. Not one bit is minimalist. Do not come here if you want matching white plates and tea cups! But do come here if you want to play a wonderful Beckstein piano.

It sleeps 6 + 3 more children-y single beds and 3 cots and costs from £1000 – £1500 per wkend + £1400 –   £2300 per week

May and Oct half terms can be rented, and the last 2 weeks in July and the first week of August.

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