Ploughmans Cottage is managed by New Forest Escapes, a small holiday cottage rental agency, representing a growing number of eclectic cottages available for guests.

For more info about the team please read here. 

We bought The Ploughmans Cottage in 2010 to live in ourselves and since then we have restored almost every part of it – inside and out. It was originally built in the 1900’s as an estate workers cottage for the nearby (and very lovely) Pylewell House.

About UsHaving spent a significant time living in hotels, we think we’re pretty well qualified to judge what makes a good place to live on holiday. Tim who lived in hotels for many years on business travel is very picky and I  grew up doing B and B in my family home and then did a stint overseas as a travel writer. As a result we’re both thoroughly concerned with the big and small of what it takes to make your stay here as lovely as can be. We’re also very lucky to have the East End Arms next door.

Neglected for many years the 3/4 of an acre that is Ploughmans, was in a sad state when we found it. There are lots of pics on our Facebook page.

We both believe that homes should be airy, smart and eco-friendly whilst retaining as much character as possible and we’ve enjoyed re-working this place; recycling, replanting and rehabilitating what was possible to save, buying carefully and as locally made as possible, where not.

We lived in our Shed, once an old storage house and chicken shed, for 9 months whilst building the house. Now it is the bedroom that is almost always peoples favourite – people tell us what it lacks in plumbing it makes up in kooky-ness!

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We moved from Ploughmans as our permanent home in 2012 and return with our family whenever their are gaps in lettings…which doesn’t seem to be very often. Summer 2015 is the first time we have a week there ourselves!

Last year we helped several other local owners take their lovely places to others and we now work with and now Gins Barn, Pitts Deep Beach House are available for rent.

The lovely (and very tardis-like) Hare House in East Boldre is also new to offer to guests and this is done along the principles of One Fine Stay – whereby owners who live in the house rent it for the gaps they are away for their own holidays. Hopefully we will get some nice guests for Claudia and create a precedent for other local homeowners in the area.


We support charities through New Forest Escapes.