Monthly Archives: June 2015

Whoohoo! – We are in Country & Town House Magazine this month!

Fiona Duncan, The Telegraph Travel’s hotel expert, writes….. New Forest Home-tels  Head for a New Forest Hometel Who needs a hotel when you can stay in an exceptional house and use the services of a chef? Two drop-dead gorgeous properties are … Continue reading

Beauty our chicken, lives dangerously

  Beauty – a rescued battery hen – and now so pushy she will mug people for ice-cream (like a bad seagull) was looking for her supper. Presumably she doesn’t get the irony…

Lovely gardening weekend

Garden is looking fab. All that work for last 4 years has paid off! Twigloo has massive rebuild and trim for so much use and abuse. My daughter is 3 and my husband is 6″1 and pretty much standing upright … Continue reading